Leg Muscle Diagram

This leg muscle diagram will give you a good visual of which leg muscles you are working when doing your weightlifting routine or any other exercise program.

Body Muscle Chart

leg muscle diagram

Here are the front leg muscles listed in the leg muscle diagram:

Sartorius: This is the longest muscle in the human body.

Rectus Femoris: This leg muscle is located in the middle part of the thigh.

Vastus Medialis: The leg extension exercise is very effective for bringing out the vastus medialis muscle. This muscle rests right above the knee.

Vastus Lateralis: The vastus lateralis is located on the outer part of the thigh muscle.

Gastrocnemius: The right calf exercises will develop this leg muscle.

Soleus: Another leg muscle that is developed by doing calf exercises.

Tibialis Anterior: This muscle is often neglected by most people who exercise. However, a well-developed tibialis anterior can produce very impressive legs.

Be sure to design an exercise routine that develops your entire leg muscles (front and back) in addition to your upper body muscle groups. By working each muscle group, even your calves, you will develop an impressive physique.

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Read more about the From Fat to Muscle™ program

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